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Please follow our instruction: Easy steps to book online ticket with us

1. Please click our layout’s theatre to plan your seat (in this process, you can select your seat by calling in advance or selecting at our ticket booth).
2. Select the number of the ticket.
3. Fill in the show time (there are two choices: 1) 8.00 p.m. 2) 9.30 p.m.
4. Fill in the booking date
5. Press “ Buy Now” to link with Paypal system
6. The order summary will be appeared and select your way to pay
There are two cases :
1. You have your account with PayPal, please log in your email and password to link with Paypal.
2. If you are new with Paypal, please press “ create a Paypal account” you will follow the simple steps of the instruction by filling in your details and click “agree and create account”
7. The receipt and details of booking will be sent to you via email after payment.ets can also be purchased at our ticket booth. It is located at the entrance of our Theater. Or call: 02 221 2140 for Reservation.

Any problems email Thank you.